• Respect the Chat moderators, they are there to make your visit an enjoyable one
  • Chat moderators will not take sides when players argue. We will offer help if needed, but all Chat moderators are asked to remain neutral
  • When the chat room is busy please have patience with the Chat moderators - they cannot answer all questions at once
  • If someone is having a lucky day and you're not doing so well don't give them a hard time. We all have lucky days as well as not so lucky
  • When in the chat room please refrain from using bad language or racial remarks, and please don't 'chat up' or make sexual remarks to other players
  • When a newbie comes in to chat try and make them feel welcome, don't give them a hard time for asking questions. We've all been a newbie once!
  • Please do not ask other players for loyalty points, these can only be awarded for chat room games, and when you purchase your cards
  • The Chat moderators will remove anyone from chat who does not respect other roomies. Keep your personal information to yourself. Players who post their email addresses, telephone numbers, bank information or address with players in the room will be banned from chat without discussion. This is for your own security. Don't feed the trolls. It starts with a rude comment and then suddenly it spirals into an argument. Ignore them and they go away.
  • If you are not in agreement with someone, just agree to disagree and move on otherwise it just ends nasty and destroys the friendly atmosphere.
  • Think before you leap. Sometimes we say things we don't mean or it comes out wrong. Just think about how your comments will be received. Will it sound rude? Will the other roomies be offended? It always pays to be nice.
  • Please refrain from using profanity or expressions of obscenity, sexism, racism, and other types of prejudice. You will be banned without any discussion or warning.
  • You wouldn't like to go to a party where someone is screaming at the top of their voice, would you? On the Internet, using all capital letters is equivalent to screaming at the top of your lungs to the person standing next to you. Some people take offence and moderators may warn you to revert to small caps.
  • Don't "spam" the rooms with multiple postings or commercial solicitations or for other sites. This will result in an immediate ban. You are responsible for your discussions, the information you provide to other players, and will not hold the management responsible for problems arising from your correspondences and dealings in the rooms. Chat moderators are authorised to ask players with offensive, rude or unsuitable usernames that are suggestive or simply unacceptable to change their names. You will be directed to the live Help Room for assistance. You need to give the support agent, the moderators name and your new username. Please do not air out your complaints or throw out accusations about the management in the chat rooms. The moderator will warn you and if you continue spamming the room with similar comments you will be banned.

    Good Luck and Enjoy!